The intervention of the upper or lower eyelid surgery is performed with the aim of giving the eyes a rejuvenated appearance, on and lively. It removes the excess skin of the upper eyelid skin, trying to give more definition to the shape doing a resection of the orbicularis muscle and cantopessi to position the side singing in anatomically correct position, above the medial.

The lower blepharoplasty can be made electronically or subciliare transconjunctival (without skin scars) and across the street subciliare also gives access to the midface with the opportunity to proceed to a repositioning of orbital fat that protrudes from the septum and a orbitae dell’arcus marginalis release with the purpose of correcting sunken eyes, bags and dark circles rejuvenating the whole orbit.

This intervention takes place in about 1 hour under local anesthesia in combination or not with other interventions (lipofilling face, lipostructure or liposuction).